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The Situation in Venezuela - February 27, 2019

Some chess playing and horse trading at the UN Security Council
“…There is a genocide going on in Venezuela, biological repression... is happening now. The refusal of aid by the regime is purposeful…” (read the full essay)

Democracy can be lost like a frog in water slowly rising to a boil.
“…The software company in charge of the mechanics of the elections, Smartmatic, said that there were so many discrepancies in the tallying and voting that it disowned the results…” (read the full essay)

Documenting a Genocide  - September 23, 2018

This is what political repression looks like.
“…Social cleansing a new (and old) form of genocide…” (view the images)

是委内瑞拉小中国的麻?   - January 22, 2017  

(Is Little Venezuela Big Trouble for China? - Open letter to China on Venezuela)
“…China is serious about its growing importance in the world. One place where it can make a positive difference is Venezuela. The Chinese government has a powerful voice in the Venezuelan government. It can ask the government to clean up the corruption and the drug dealing…” (read the full essay)

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