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Let's Talk About the Economy - September 1, 2019

Is this as sunny as it gets, or is someone looking out the wrong window? 
“… The 2016 Fall of Discontents that made Trump the 45th President had its long planted seeds in the entrenchment of economic power in direct conflict with one of the main tenets of capitalism: renewal...” (read the full essay)

The Great American Con - August 10, 2016

Selling an economic plan but, is it a bridge in Brooklyn? 
“…[Trump’s] “recipe” includes more of the supply side economics that have been demonstrated time and time again to stifle growth and drive up inequality (supply-side faithful devotees are as blind to the failures of their economic ideology from the right as Marxist socialists are to theirs from the left)…” (read the full essay)

Trump's Trade Deals - July 2, 2016

A “what’s in it for me” mentality might explain a lot about the Trump way of thinking.
“…It is in establishing common rules and practices that global commerce can benefit a maximum of countries while regulating the negative externalities created by transactions carried out under the different conditions and resources for each country involved. … The term “Free Trade Deals” in itself is somewhat misleading, as these treaties in fact regulate the unfettered commerce practices creating those negative externalities as opposed to making such commerce more “Free”… (read the full essay)

The Immigrant September 25, 2019

We look and expect the mirror to reflect the best within us.
“…By definition immigrants believe in the promise of America. Their economic contribution is significant and their social contribution incalculable. Many have mixed marriages and there are 36 million U.S. born children of immigrants…”  (read the full essay) 

The Economics of Inequality or A Healthy Economy is Healthy for Everyone. – June 13, 2016

“America needs a raise” was a common refrain at the time of this essay.
“…All instances of public assistance such as Medicaid, food stamps and public housing tend to erode the value of wages. In a counterintuitive and contradictory way, large businesses suppressing wages at a level under “livable income” are taking advantage of welfare and “socialist” programs…” (read the full essay)


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