Besieged by Gun Violence

Find the Helpers - November 9, 2020

A painful journey of transformation for Fred Guttenberg, father of Jamie.
From living a normal American life, [Fred] realized that our lives are all intertwined and that while the tragedy of 9/11 had brought changes to the way we live a far more deadly force, gun violence, is pervasive and no major regulatory effort is being undertaken to curb it.  (read the full essay)

A More Perfect Union - September 25, 2019

The Second Amendment has become a marketing slogan for the Gun Lobby.
 One of the most contentious stipulations [of DC v Heller] is that the text of the Amendment is divided between a “Prefatory” and an “Operative” clause, meaning that what it says before the second comma is essentially meaningless. (read the full essay)

A community grieves together in a show of action.
“…If we are to succeed… …we must first acknowledge that we all bleed the same. Children of Republicans and children of Democrats and children of those who could care less, die often at the end of the barrel of a gun…” (read the full essay)

Guns and Us: A Call for Action  - February 21, 2018

Thoughts & Prayers are not enough, unless those thoughts are about what makes gun violence happen and how to stop it. Spoiler alert: guns are part of it.
“…irrational acts cannot be explained rationally. My experience tells me that the pain does not go away, it just remains dormant, a bit dulled, a bit numb, so I cannot tell these friends and neighbors that their pain will pass. I can only comfort them by reminding them that these beautiful children had great lives, that they were loved, and that they gave love back to their families and friends…” (read the full essay)

A Funeral for an Innocent - February 18, 2018

“…Here is the pain of the community at its deepest. We all suffered such a great loss of innocents and of innocence…” (read the full post)

A Little Common Sense - February 15, 2018

The Tragedy in My Backyard  - February 14, 2018

Las Vegas, October 1 2017 - October 5, 2017

The Gun Lobby's Influence is Deep and Pervasive. - October 7, 2014

A Close Call in UCF - March 20, 2013
(This is actually commentary to a link of the news of the day)

"It's Not Going to Happen to Us" - January 16, 2013

A Petition Made to the WH to Regulate Ammo - January 12, 2013
(News flash: it went nowhere and the link has been removed)

Access and Control - December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook was a heart rending headline of a mass murder of innocents shortly after the Assault Weapons Ban expired and the DC v Heller decision.
“…The parsing of those twenty seven words by scholars and lawyers is what has brought upon us the situation that we have today of free roaming bullets looking for targets and publicity…” (read the full essay)


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